Empowering Village Life in Transylvania

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Voices of Kaláka

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More than 25 years after the fall of communism, villagers in Transylvania today rely on the volunteer tradition of kaláka to rebuild and sustain their communities. If you’re wondering: “what’s a kaláka?” take a minute to watch our video: Voices of Kaláka: Strengthening Communities in Transylvania.

More About Unitarian Kaláka


Village Projects

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Kaláka projects have the power to strengthen communities by bringing people together around a common purpose. Volunteers make it happen through cooperation, dedication and hard work; we help make it happen through fundraising. You can feel the spirit of Kaláka in the final reports on our project pages.

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Why Transylvania?


The thread that began centuries ago still ties us to Transylvania. We share a passion for tradition, sustainability, and religious tolerance. We share a belief in the power of kaláka–working together to create change. And many of us share a faith history with Unitarians who live in these villages today.

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