Kaláka: “…with love and responsibility”

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This February, the newspaper, Unitárius Kozlony (Unitarian Gazette), published a story about Torockoszentgyorgy (Coltesti) and the village’s kaláka effort to build a new community hall. As the villagers tell it, participation in kaláka benefits the community in more ways than one.

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“The spirit that defines us.” – Torockoszentgyorgy

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Villagers in Torockoszentgyorgy discovered the power of community when they began planning an addition to their fellowship hall. The first step was to build a foundation, which they did with help from Unitarian Kaláka donors and many volunteers who donated their time and talents. Here is their 2016 kaláka project summary.

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Firtosváralja Celebrates Church Restoration

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This fall saw the completion of a project long in the works for people in the small village of Firtosvaralja. Their ancient Unitarian church, which had been in disrepair for more than six years, was once again restored to its central place in community life. Watch their “thank you” video and read their final project report here.

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Homoródszentpéter: Partners Pitch In

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This year, volunteers in Homoródszentpéter made great progress toward a longtime dream: opening a daycare center in their local school to serve families of villages up and down the Homoród valley. They needed new beds and furnishings, a fridge for their kitchen, new playground equipment–and one unexpected hurdle: they needed to install an extra bathroom. In true kaláka fashion, local volunteers and partners from abroad came together to help. Watch the video summary of their project success.

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Kaláka Spirit in Székelyderzs

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Over 300 volunteer hours went into the making of the first public playground in Székelyderz, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With help from the Derzs Unitarian Church, local authorities, a regional NGO and Unitarian Kaláka, the playground is now ready to be enjoyed by all. Volunteers share the photos in this final report on the Székelyderz kaláka project.

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On the Ground in Transylvania

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Unitarian Kaláka is incredibly fortunate to partner with the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation (SzKA), a local nonprofit based in the community of Székelyudvarhely, Romania. This gives us a direct, local connection to village volunteers in Transylvania. Read more about our partners and the great things they are doing on the ground in Transylvania.

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