Kaláka news from Városfalva and Brassó

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A playground is taking shape…and a community hall is renewed! Here is news from Városfalva and Brassó, two Unitarian communities in Transylvania that received our Faithify matching funds for their kaláka projects.

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Why Unitarian Kaláka?

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Curiosity about her partner church in Transylvania began a decade of experiential learning far deeper than Marge Titcomb of Yarmouth, ME, ever anticipated. What follows is a sampling of her experiences traveling in Transylvania that brought her to fully embrace the power of Unitarian Kaláka.

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For love of children everywhere

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Playgrounds are places where kids grow in healthy ways. So when the government closed the village school in Városfalva – and removed all of the playground equipment – parents, teachers and other volunteers began planning for a new playground. Now they need our help to raise the funds needed to build a playground and give their children a chance at a healthy life.

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What makes communities stronger?

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To survive as a community, people need a place to come together. It is the same around the world. In Brassó, the Hall of Brotherhood is where villagers in surrounding communities gather to celebrate and solidify their Unitarian Hungarian roots. Groups come together – 100 to 200 each week – to dance, sing, learn English, play music, make handicrafts, and share precious time with each other. Learn how to support this project at

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Crowdfunding Campaign Going On Now!

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Our new 2018 crowdfunding campaign begins on April 10. Three projects designed to create new gathering spaces to strengthen community life in Transylvania. Help us reach our goal and fund these kaláka projects!

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Unitarian Kaláka Summer Update

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We have some exciting changes to tell you about! Unitarian Kaláka has been on hiatus for the past few months, but we are looking ahead to the fall – and a new way of crowdfunding for projects in Transylvania. Our two-year pilot program during 2015 and 2016 successfully funded eight projects in Unitarian villages. Your support was deeply appreciated. Now, we would like to broaden our efforts by crowdfunding through a UU website called

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