Firtosváralja Celebrates Church Restoration

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“Seeing the results of our work, seeing our children smile, we are going forward trustfully…”

2016 Final Project Report from Firtosváralja/Firtusu

This fall saw the completion of a project long in the works for people in the small village of Firtosvaralja. Their ancient Unitarian church, which had been in disrepair for more than six years, was once again restored to its central place in community life. In the video below, the community offers its thanks to the many Unitarian Kaláka donors who made their volunteer project so successful.

Volunteers in Firtosvaralja offered this summary of their church restoration project:

smiling-faces“It was a really successful realization. Our goals were reached: we can use the restored church now and the community demonstrated that they are able to work together for their present and future. Seeing the results of our work, seeing our children smile, we are going forward trustfully…

“Within the framework of this program, we have renovated the furniture and the pews of the church and made new embroideries and carpets.

“The church pews were restored by local carpenters, the repainting was carried out by their association and congregation members, and also by volunteers. The weaving of the carpets and the sewing of embroidery was the responsibility of the local Women’s Association.

“All donations have been vital in finishing the project. Besides financial help, a lot of community work was needed.

“More than 30 people worked almost 500 hours together to reach this goal”

More pictures from Firstováralja