Kaláka Spirit in Székelyderzs

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“The playground is a good example of the kaláka spirit of cooperation between villagers and local, regional, and global organizations…”

2016 Final Report from Székelyderzs/Darju

Kaláka spirit: village playground project in Szekelyderzs A kaláka project to build a playground in the historic village of Székelyderzs/Darju was first proposed by a group of young mothers who were concerned about the lack of a safe place for their children to gather and play.

To make their vision a reality, they enlisted help from the local Pro Tineret Derzs-Darju Foundation and the Derzs Unitarian Church, with fundraising support from Unitarian Kaláka and our partners in Transylvania, the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation (SzKA).

Volunteers from the village, in cooperation with local authorities, planned the playground, which was located in the old school yard, a safe and protected space donated by the Church. Young mothers passed the hat among the residents and were able to raise the money required to qualify for $750 in matching funds from Unitarian Kaláka. Additional financial support came from the Church as well as the local government.

Kaláka spirit: a safe place for children to play in Derzs

A safe, sandy site for the new Derzs playground equipmentBefore equipment could be installed, the site needed to be leveled, sand brought in, and a fence constructed around the perimeter. Poles were erected to light the playground, and benches were added for the public to enjoy. Residents describe the success of the project as a good example of cooperation between villagers and local, regional, and global organizations.

The completed playground and gathering space includes a climbing tower with a slide and swing, two see-saws, and several other play pieces.

Derzs villagers recognize support from Unitarian Kaláka and SzKAKaláka by the numbers:

  • 20 Volunteers
  • 300 Hours of donated time and labor
  • 50+ Villagers, including children and parents, who will enjoy this new playground
  • $750 in matching funds from Unitarian Kaláka donors


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