On the Ground in Transylvania

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Partners Make It Possible in Transylvania

Unitarian Kaláka is incredibly fortunate to partner with the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation (SzKA), a local nonprofit based in the community of Székelyudvarhely, Romania. This gives us a direct, local connection to village volunteers in Transylvania.

We work with SzKA (Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation in Romanian) in support of our mission to “promote the economic and cultural vitality of Unitarian villages in Transylvania.”

SzKA facilitates our crowdfunding initiatives, provides invaluable administrative support and project management, oversees the matching funds program, and in general terms, makes it all happen on the ground in Transylvania. SzKA also facilitated the production of our video, Voices of Kaláka, which, if you haven’t seen in it, is a great way to understand the spirit of kaláka – and see the beauty of Transylvania.

Executive Director Rozi Csáki and Program Manager Attila Péter provide the project oversight and financial accountability that are so important to us at Unitarian Kaláka. Simply put, we couldn’t do it without SzKA.

Fall News From SzKA, Our Transylvania Partners

Recently, Rozi wrote to us with news of what her organization is up to this fall. We thought we’d share it with you here.

rozi csaki“Autumn always brings new momentum in the life of SzKA. We just launched our Run For It fundraising campaign, in which participating runners solicit donations to support various NGO project ideas. The big day is October 16. It’s a great event with lots of fun and enthusiasm.

“Our ‘child friendly hospital’ project will reach its peak this month with the creation of a special playground for the little patients in a local hospital.

varosi-kalaka_logo“This is our Urban Kaláka project for 2016. We raised funds through employee giving, last year’s Run For It campaign, sponsorships, and other fundraising methods. Our goals is to make changes in the hospital inside and out, to make a more child-friendly environment. We bought toys, furniture, bedclothes, and curtains; now the final phase is to establish the playground outside.

yb_logo“With the start of the school year, we also launched the 7th annual YouthBank program, a voluntary program that aims to educate young people about the value of active community participation. The first step is recruiting youth ‘ambassadors,’ who will create the core ‘youthbankers’ team for the program.”

Rozi also wrote to say that the United States Ambassador to Romania, Hans G. Klemm, is coming to Székelyudvarhely to meet with Rozi and her team at SzKA in order to get to know them better, and witness the great work they are doing. No doubt he will be as impressed with their good work as we are.

SzKA is Romania’s first community foundation, and was founded by Chris Worman in 2007. Chris is currently senior director, alliances and community engagement, at the international nonprofit TechSoup, and continues to serve as an advisor to SzKA.

For more on SzKA, its team members and many innovative community development projects, visit their website, www.szka.org. Be sure to choose English as your language, unless of course you know Hungarian or Romanian!