Build a traditional roofed gate in Alabaster Village



Roofed gates, part of the traditional folk architecture of Aranyosszék (ancient seat of the Székeley people), are slowly disappearing. The Unitarian Community in Mészkő (Cheia), known as the Alabaster Village, wants to build a fence and a traditional roofed gate next to their newly built Francis Balazs Community Center.

“Help us create value and beauty…”

Goal: $500

100% Funded



The new building with its large conference hall and kitchen serves the needs of the local community. The upper level with its four bedrooms was built to be used as a guesthouse. However aesthetically, the Center’s surroundings need improvement. A new fence and roofed gate have been proposed as a community volunteer project.


In the upcoming period, the community is willing to spend energy and time to create a more welcoming space around the building, suitable for receiving guests. The plan is to create value by reviving old architectural traditions. The new gate will be designed and built in the style of the traditional roofed gates in the area. The fence will be carried out by volunteer work. The members of the Bencéd community, another Unitarian village, partnered with Mészkő, will make the gate. This gate will be a symbol of partnership.


The implementation plan: Fundraising (January-March)

  1. From locals and other people
  2. Fundraising party – raffle tickets
  3. Donation – wood

The work (April-June)

  1. purchasing the construction material (sand, cement, wood, plaster, paint etc.)
  2. building the fence with volunteer work
  3. manufacturing the traditional gate
  4. Dedication of the gate (July 11–13.)

Message for Donors

We invite you to contribute to our project…and come visit us to see the results! If you contribute with at least $20 US, you are invited to spend a night for free in one of the guest rooms. The area abounds in tourist attractions: the Torda Gorge is a five minute drive, Torockó, the picturesque world heritage area is only at 20 km distance, and you can also visit the Torda salt mine or the medieval churches in the area. Help us create value and beauty so that you can benefit from it, too!

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization: EIN 94-3355574.