Expand hands-on learning in Corund’s craft workshop



For ten years, the Experiential Workshop in Corund has been operated by the Corund Potters Association. The workshop offers a true learn-by-doing experience in the crafts of pottery and woodcarving. Now we would like to enlarge the Workshop with your help, so that we can accommodate larger groups, including school classes and camps.

“This is a true learn-by-doing experience in the crafts of pottery and woodcarving…”

Goal: $500

100% Funded



hands at wheel

The Experiential Workshop is so popular that it has become too small for the groups coming in to visit. At this time, we have one electric teaching potters wheel, one traditional wheel and a special table for woodcarving. The Association is about to acquire a second electric potters wheel but there is not enough space to install it. Although we have enough equipment to hold simultaneous activities for as many as 20 children, we have run out of room. Additionally, the Workshop is looking for ways to help those Unitarian communities where there are no funds to send children to summer camps.


The Corund Potters Association proposes to extend the building with a 4 x 4 meter addition. This will add 15 square meters of interior space, accommodating the new potters wheel. On the walls there will be posters showing the evolution of motifs used in traditional ceramics and woodcarving in Corund.

Funds raised will help us construct the new addition so that we can invite a wider number of groups from all ages to attend the Workshop. Funds will also support bringing more children to the Workshop to experience and learn these traditional crafts. Participants include school groups, scouts, camps and other youth organizations as well as adults. The Workshop is also an important tourist destination, bringing valuable dollars to the town and helping to sustain the efforts of the potters in Corund.


Fundraising campaign between December 2014 and May 2015. Construct the workshop building’s addition: June 2015. Select the Unitarian youth for participation in the summer artisan camp: June 2015. Organize the artisan and foreign language camp in the Experiential Workshop in July 2015.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization: EIN 94-3355574.