Renovate the Community Center in Kiskede/Chedea Mică



The historic center of community life for the neighboring villages of Kiskede and Chedia Mică is a building more than 75 years old. Its central feature is a unique painted stage, built in 1948. This project, proposed by the Association PRO Csekefalva-Kede, is to repair the roof of the building and restore its historically significant stage so that it can serve as space for community and cultural events.

“The unique painted stage is part of our heritage…”

Goal: $500

100% Funded



The cultural house in Chedea Mică was built in 1939 through the joint efforts of Unitarian youth and the Unitarian Parish. The unique painted stage, built in 1948, has played an important role in the region’s heritage. In the past couple of years, with the help of community members, some repair work was begun. Now there is an urgent need to complete renovations of the roof, the painted stage and perhaps the walls.


We envision a joint community effort bringing together individuals, institutions and companies that have a connection with this small village in order to create a community gathering place that will be used for cultural and community projects.


  1. Fundraising: 15 December 2014 – 30 March 2015.
  2. Project implementation: 15 April 2015 – 1st of June 2015.
  3. Two days of festivity to celebrate the village’s heritage and traditions: Mid June 2015

Message for Donors

All donors will be invited to the two days of festivities in the village.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization: EIN 94-3355574.