Create a Traditional Folk Dance Camp in Gyepes



Villagers in Gyepes wish to organize a folk dance camp to share knowledge and traditions under the guidance of a professional folk dance teacher. The camp will benefit neighboring communities and even participants from the US!

“Respect for our traditions…strengthens our feelings of belonging together.”

Goal: $300   Success!

100% Funded




In our society, traditions and folklore have less and less meaning in our life. The loss of community traditions makes it harder to maintain close relationships with our neighboring villages. Respect for our traditions teaches us how to respect ourselves and each other, and strengthens our feelings of belonging together.


We see as a solution the plan to organize folklore themed programs. In this project we would like to organize a folk dance camp, in which 40 participants will share knowledge under the guidance of a professional folk dance teacher. From the 40 participants 20 will be members of the Gyepes community, and the other 20 from our neighbors in Székelymuzsna as well as visitors from the US.


The folk dance camp will take place in June 2015

Message for Donors

This project will help participants to enrich their culture and create a tighter bond between communities.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization: EIN 94-3355574.