“The spirit that defines us.” – Torockoszentgyorgy

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“Projects like this help our community and, in the end, this kind of spirit will define us.”

2016 Final Project Report from Torockoszentgyorgy/Coltesti

Villagers in  Torockoszentgyorgy discovered the power of community when they began planning an addition to their fellowship hall. The first step was to build a foundation, which they did with help from Unitarian Kaláka donors. Rev. Emese-Erzsebet Finta, the Unitarian minister in Torockoszentgyorgy, sent us this slideshow documenting their kaláka project:

A message from Rev. Emese-Erzsebet Finta, who also served as the project manager:

“One of the major goals of our congregational life is to bring together our community, to build it, so that they can join a fellowship in realizing a future that springs from a common dream. In all this, our joint togetherness is a big help: the festive times, the workshops with the children, with the youth group and with the women groups and the ‘kaláka’ works. We need to provide a good environment for all these get-togethers so we have decided that we need to expand our community hall; we need to build additional rooms.”

“This is a big project that will take a couple of years to finish, but the most important thing was to get started building a good foundation.

Emese-Erzsebet Finta, Unitarian minister

Emese-Erzsebet Finta, Unitarian minister

“This year, with a joint effort from the community and thanks to your (Unitarian Kaláka’s) help we put down a 10×7 m foundation for the new wing of our community hall.

“The actual labor was done by the community members. For the digging we received an excavator from two local companies. The gravel and the sand were donated by another local company. The lunches were prepared by the women group.

forms-being-filled“It was hard to bring together the people, to find the right moment when the right people had some spare time and were able to join the project. The work on the project had a slow and uneasy start but in the end all came together. We had to finish this project and next year we will start a new one because projects like this help our community and in the end this kind of spirit will define us.

“We are aware of the fact that we did not manage to finish the project in time. Also the last layer of concrete had to be postponed until spring because the weather turned very cold, but we can truly say that this project was a success story. The main idea was to get people from the community to be involved in the life of the community and this project gave the possibility for a great number of members to get involved in something that will benefit our community in the long run.”

More pictures from Torockoszentgyorgy: